Here you’ll most likely find sketches and ramblings.

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  • Saturday Sketches

    Here we go, has some new scans and you can change the lighting and I love it. So behold, quick light studies.

  • Saturday Sketches 2020

    So… the story goes like this: my 2020 goal was making a series of traditional works. And it tuned out to be more difficult than I initially thought. Sure, I could blame it on my lack of patience ( …I do the sketch in pencil. I scan the sketch. I finish it in Photoshop. I…

  • Fisksoppa Portraits

    Cartographer - Fisksoppa, year of the Wandering CroissantAll these portraits are character studies for the webcomic I am working on with @ileana_surducan . Some of them will show up in the future, some of them will never make it in the spotlight... but I am having a lot of fun! Cartographer - Fisksoppa, year of…
  • Fisksoppa

    Long story short, I’m making a webcomic with my sister Ileana – and here is why. The wall tiles were white, the floor tiles were mustard-green and we were making toothpaste-soup for Captain Blade. The cartoons started at seven thirty, dinner was at eight, teeth-brushing was at half past and it ended with me and…

  • Some of the illustrations I did in 2019

    2019 A Year in Colour

    Another year gone, a new year up on the horizon. I’ll never get used to the idea that it’s 2020. Mind you, I never got used to the new century, so there’s that, I am doomed to live outside time. So… what happened last year? The first thing that happened was Visual Playground 2019. For…

  • Zestrea

    Did I mention I’m designing a boardgame? Loosely based on the life in the traditional Romanian village (but really, it will look familiar to all eastern-europeans), Zestrea is mostly about arranging marriages, accumulating fortunes and surviving hard times (like, floods, fires, communism and building motorways). The game was created by Horațiu Roman and Alex Pațiu…

  • Le Bal des Douze Princesses

    The book is at the printers, it should be done by the beginning of August :). So I thought this might be a good time to do a short recap of how it came to be. Legend has it, every book starts with a story, every comic-book starts with a script. There are even older…

  • Saturday Sketches

    There is something magic in dance, or I might just like the swirly dress, who knows… Studies done in Photoshop with KyleBrushes, references from

  • Work in progress

    It’s almost…. gasp… February. HOW? I spent most of January planning 2019. It seems to be the year of the comic book, with the French translation of Prâslea scheduled in March and Le bal des douze princesses (Twelve dancing girls) due sometime by the end of summer, in full colour. Speaking of which, here’s the…

  • SelfPortrait

    At the beginning of December 2018 I was invited by Goethe Institute Bucharest to take part in a live-drawing interview.. Together with Sarah Burrini and Octav Avramescu, I spent a pleasant hour and a half discussing the job of a comic-book-artist, making it in webcomics and generally being an artist in the digital age. We…

  • The last of Inktober 2018

    Inktober is over. I had way more fun than I expected with these and I have acquired some approximative knowledge of inks and brushes. I will be colouring some of the images… so… expect more :).

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober 2018

    Week four. Who knows, maybe next year… I can plan ahead and… make an actual graphic novel? Because, it turns out, no matter how little time I have and how much I travel, I can still fit in one ink page.

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober 2018

       Here are all the images from the second week of Inktober. Enjoy!

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober 2018

    And here you have – week three. Am I unreasonably proud of myself? YES I AM.

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober 2018

    The first week of inktober came and went  and I did it, I did it! These are fake comic book pages from a novel I wrote when I was twelve. By the time I got bored, it was 100 pages long, it had princesses and dragons and pirates and desert brigands, and also time travel…

  • Saturday Sketches

    I may or may not be gearing up for Inktober…

  • Saturday Sketches

    …Quick sketching, between projects. One day, one day… I’ll learn the secret of proper time management.

  • The Six Swans

    I normally sketch by hand, scan the image and then work on it digitally. This is mostly because if I try to sketch digitally, I get caught up in the details and loose the overall composition. It’s also because everything looks more ”finished” on a computer screen – I spend ages working on the first…

  • Oil Pastel Work in Progress

    I revisited oil-pastels in at the beginning of this year. They are messy, sticky, hard to control on details and they never dry. Also, I have never felt so happy working with any other medium, ever. Here’s a gif of my process:  

  • Animation (once again)

    Animation is a lot of work. It’s also very addictive…

  • Animation

    Stuff I learned at Visual Playground, applied :P.

  • Saturday Sketches

    …the last of 2017 :)

  • Saturday Sketches

    And now for something… slightly different, I guess. Aromanian costume Various Romanian costumes, south of the country.

  • Saturday Sketches

      Two inking versions for the same drawing. Kyle Brushes and , as usual.

  • Saturday Sketches

    How do you learn to ink digitally? There must be some secret rules French comic artist pass from one generation to another… Well, anyway, here are my attempts, references from, brushes from KyleBrushes (the CleanComics and one of the MangaCircles)

  • Saturday Sketches

    Balamuc / loc de joacă ș-altele invited me to take part in their sketchbook exhibition – ”În linii mari”, running from the 30th of September to the 5th of November 2017, in Timișoara. Here are some images from my sketchbook (2010-2011 I thiiiink). It includes Prâslea and Youth Without Age preparation drawings, and the never-ending…

  • Visual Playground – Day8

    On the eighth day, Adrian Diac and Paul Derșidan from BLAU had a musical challenge for us. We randomly got a mysterious song each, and we had to do the vinyl cover and label illustration. My music piece was later revealed to be part of Belgian Wave & Pop Songs From The 1980’s. I quite…

  • Visual Playground – Day6-7

    The next two days were dedicated to animation, with Henrique Barone. Since this was the only two-day workshop, it was also the one where I felt I learned the most. We worked in Flash – the only time this had happened before was… ten years ago, during my university years – I remember not liking…

  • Visual Playground – Day5

    On the fifth day, Malika Favre reviewed our portfolios, with assistance from Hedof. Photo credits: Cătălin Georgescu As mentioned before, I was with a bunch of pretty awesome people, so the reviews were mainly about how to build your website to best emphasis your work. Since I figure they might be useful to others, here’s…

  • Visual Playground – Day4

    The fourth day was Lettering Day with Tobias Hall. I must admit I was dreading this a bit – I am an amateur, mostly because I lack the patience needed for measuring and kerning properly. We did a series of exercises, like writing the word ”Majesty” majestically… …playing around with the pen-brush… …writing out expressions…