Here you’ll most likely find sketches and ramblings.

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  • Fisksoppa

    Long story short, I’m making a webcomic with my sister Ileana – and here is why. The wall tiles were white, the floor tiles were mustard-green and we were making toothpaste-soup for Captain Blade. The cartoons started at seven thirty, dinner was at eight, teeth-brushing was at half past and it ended with me and…

  • Sînziana Character Sketches

    The moment I realized I like working with geometrical shapes :). This was a character from a scraped comic project, who knows, maybe one day…

  • Sînziana Character Sketches 2

    Some more images from a project that never saw the light of day. One day I’ll revisit it.

  • Verona Bookstore Sketches

  • Saturday Sketches

    These are winding-down sketches, made for fun. Scratchboards are great (and I am cheating and doing this digitally). But if you want to see somebody using this technique to its full potential, check out Nicolas Delort. …also, somebody has been re-reading Hellboy. For the record, Mike Mignola is a genius.

  • Saturday Sketches

      Another week, another bunch of sketches. This time, after Camillo Balossini, an Italian reenactment photographer. His page is a great resource for historical costumes as well as for chiaroscuro portraits. I found out about him through Radu Olteanu, a Romanian historical illustrator.

  • Saturday Sketches

        This time around…. watercolour! Not really, but close enough. Brush by Kyle T Webster :).

  • Saturday Sketches

    I thought they looked like mezzotint – certainly the feeling while working was similar. Perfect pencil numer 2, Kyle Brushes. Poses from NewMastersAcademy youtube channel.

  • The End of Summer

    Autumn is here, so this seems like a good time to post this nostalgic illustration inspired by a Russell Lee photo

  • Saturday Sketches

    For some reason, I am quite proud of this one. Reference from New Masters Academy. The reference from this one is an old photo by Timothy H. O’Sullivan, found on Hands refereces from

  • Wednesday Comics

      I can’t promise short comics will happen every week, but I’ll try.