Here you’ll most likely find sketches and ramblings.

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  • Throwback Thursday

    Conceived as an ancient scroll, this ”book” uses an old belt, inks and acrylic paints (no memory of how I made the cardboard roll). Most of the illustrations from this time use The Old Testament as a source of inspiration – possibly because those were the stories my grandmother used to tell me when I…

  • Throwback Thursday

    Back in… oh God… 2008… I had a blogspot. And on there I used to post stuff I was doing at uni, and personal projects, and occasionally rant about books and movies. I recently discovered some of the boxes with art projects, so here we go. I’m posting them mostly for fun and nostalgia sake,…

  • The Timemongers Concert

    I spent the best part of 2022 working on this, so I figured it deserved its own post :). I ”blame” Comic Art Europe for enabling my obsession with folktales, and I must admit that when I made my grant application I didn’t really have a clear idea of what it was going to grow…

  • Saturday Sketches

    I do try to draw them weekly, but hey… More quick drawings, references from

  • Saturday Sketches

    More quick drawings, references from

  • Saturday Sketches

    Reference from, I do love their 3D scans.

  • Saturday Sketches

    A post from may that somehow hid in drafts…

  • Saturday Sketches

    More gesture drawings – I love the quickdraw option on, becasue iit makes my life sooo much easier. 4 minutes sketches, as far as I remember.

  • Saturday Sketches

    References from, digital brushes from kylebrushes.

  • Saturday Sketches

    Digital ink, references from

  • Saturday Sketches

    Digital ink, references from all over the web, but mostly from

  • 2020 – Counting blessings

    : to make a special effort to appreciate the good things in one’s life So, it’s now the first of January 2021. And as we look back, it’s time to say… well WASN’T THAT STRANGE? I spent the first half of 2020 working on the second chapter of Fisksoppa and ignoring the apocalypse. I am…

  • The Merchant of Venice

    It all started with the digital sketches… And then there were the oil pastel trials… Same for the boat scene… And it’s both annoying and gratifying to see that each new image looses something the sketch had and gains something new. Still, it was a great experience, and I look forward to revisiting the Shakespeare…

  • Saturday Sketches

    More drawings, pencil on paper with digital ink on top. References from all over the web, but mostly form

  • Making of – Portia

    …from the Merchant of Venice. The initial sketch was done in the summer of 2019, and I found the time to finally finish it one year later. I took the print-it-out-and-transfer-it-to-paper approach. I have talked about this before – I don’t think this method works for me, perhaps because I don’t have the patience to…

  • Twelfth night

    (or the melodrama if the artist who forgot how traditional art works). So, after working digitally for a very long time, and longing to get back to oil pastels, I finally got the chance. And everything exploded in my face. Metaphorically. I started with the digital sketches – my idea was to create symmetrical composition,…

  • Saturday Sketches

    In about two months time, I’ll be starting my rounds on Fisksoppa – the brilliant webcomic I’m working on with my sister. We draw one chapter each, which ensures that neither of us gets sick of drawing pirates for five months straight – but which also pretty much guarantees I forget how to draw between…

  • Saturday Sketches

    Here we go, has some new scans and you can change the lighting and I love it. So behold, quick light studies.

  • Saturday Sketches 2020

    So… the story goes like this: my 2020 goal was making a series of traditional works. And it tuned out to be more difficult than I initially thought. Sure, I could blame it on my lack of patience ( …I do the sketch in pencil. I scan the sketch. I finish it in Photoshop. I…

  • Fisksoppa Portraits

    Cartographer - Fisksoppa, year of the Wandering CroissantAll these portraits are character studies for the webcomic I am working on with @ileana_surducan . Some of them will show up in the future, some of them will never make it in the spotlight... but I am having a lot of fun! Cartographer - Fisksoppa, year of…
  • Fisksoppa

    Long story short, I’m making a webcomic with my sister Ileana – and here is why. The wall tiles were white, the floor tiles were mustard-green and we were making toothpaste-soup for Captain Blade. The cartoons started at seven thirty, dinner was at eight, teeth-brushing was at half past and it ended with me and…

  • Some of the illustrations I did in 2019

    2019 A Year in Colour

    Another year gone, a new year up on the horizon. I’ll never get used to the idea that it’s 2020. Mind you, I never got used to the new century, so there’s that, I am doomed to live outside time. So… what happened last year? The first thing that happened was Visual Playground 2019. For…

  • Zestrea

    Did I mention I’m designing a boardgame? Loosely based on the life in the traditional Romanian village (but really, it will look familiar to all eastern-europeans), Zestrea is mostly about arranging marriages, accumulating fortunes and surviving hard times (like, floods, fires, communism and building motorways). The game was created by Horațiu Roman and Alex Pațiu…

  • Le Bal des Douze Princesses

    The book is at the printers, it should be done by the beginning of August :). So I thought this might be a good time to do a short recap of how it came to be. Legend has it, every book starts with a story, every comic-book starts with a script. There are even older…

  • Saturday Sketches

    There is something magic in dance, or I might just like the swirly dress, who knows… Studies done in Photoshop with KyleBrushes, references from

  • Work in progress

    It’s almost…. gasp… February. HOW? I spent most of January planning 2019. It seems to be the year of the comic book, with the French translation of Prâslea scheduled in March and Le bal des douze princesses (Twelve dancing girls) due sometime by the end of summer, in full colour. Speaking of which, here’s the…

  • SelfPortrait

    At the beginning of December 2018 I was invited by Goethe Institute Bucharest to take part in a live-drawing interview.. Together with Sarah Burrini and Octav Avramescu, I spent a pleasant hour and a half discussing the job of a comic-book-artist, making it in webcomics and generally being an artist in the digital age. We…

  • The last of Inktober 2018

    Inktober is over. I had way more fun than I expected with these and I have acquired some approximative knowledge of inks and brushes. I will be colouring some of the images… so… expect more :).

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober 2018

    Week four. Who knows, maybe next year… I can plan ahead and… make an actual graphic novel? Because, it turns out, no matter how little time I have and how much I travel, I can still fit in one ink page.

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober 2018

       Here are all the images from the second week of Inktober. Enjoy!