Making of – Portia

…from the Merchant of Venice.

The initial sketch was done in the summer of 2019, and I found the time to finally finish it one year later. I took the print-it-out-and-transfer-it-to-paper approach. I have talked about this before – I don’t think this method works for me, perhaps because I don’t have the patience to refine the sketch enough and I end up with an unfinished final drawing I am too afraid to touch.

The first try was on primed wood – it ate a lot of oil-pastels and I had no control over the details.

The second was a watercolour-and-neopastels experiment… I say watercolors, they were Ecoline and THEY NEVER DRY. Like, ever. What is the point, I ask you, what is the point… Also, the ominous red sky was a mistake.

The third (finally!) turned out almost right. 99%. Enough for me not to make a 4th.

And here is a gif of the whole process.

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