Foire de Nuit

Graphic Novel

In the middle of the forest, far from the city, the mysterious Midnight Fair promises unforgettable experiences. The caged monsters fascinate the tourists with unusual tales. But how much of it is trickery, and how much of it is real? And what are the chances that they are all just setting up a trap, the final pray being the reader themselves?

Work on this 80 pages graphic novel started back in 2010, just after I finished my Art Master Studies. Armed with almost no previous experience in the field of comics, and inspired by the Eastern-European bestiary, I started working on the script and developing a personal technique based on my engraving experience with linocut. During the next years, I revisited my first sequential art project, occasionally tinkering with the dialogue and illustrations.

It was finally published in 2014 by Les Editions Du Moule A Gauffres. You can find the book (in French) here.