The Trickster Card Game

27 nostalgic illustrators joined their creative spirits in a project that targets both those who love remembering childhood and its harmless gimmicks, but also those who are interested in folklore and traditional clothing belonging to various cultures.

*Măscărici* is a contemporary reinterpretation that builds around the basic idea of a communist era game, consisting of a set of special cards, in which the player that loses is the one that has an unpaired card at the end of the game.

Unlike other sets of related games, this one is distinguished by the fact that each pair, made up of male and female – and the unpaired card illustrating the Trickster- has been drawn by an artist, using their distinctive style, thus presenting his own vision regarding the elements that make up the traditional clothing of a randomly chosen country. Therefore, if you enjoy visual arts, you will definitely like.

Project coordinator: József Vass

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