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  • The last of Inktober 2018

    Inktober is over. I had way more fun than I expected with these and I have acquired some approximative knowledge of inks and brushes. I will be colouring some of the images… so… expect more :).

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober 2018

    Week four. Who knows, maybe next year… I can plan ahead and… make an actual graphic novel? Because, it turns out, no matter how little time I have and how much I travel, I can still fit in one ink page.

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober 2018

    And here you have – week three. Am I unreasonably proud of myself? YES I AM.

  • Saturday Sketches

    And now for something… slightly different, I guess. Aromanian costume Various Romanian costumes, south of the country.

  • Saturday Sketches

    Balamuc / loc de joacă ș-altele invited me to take part in their sketchbook exhibition – ”În linii mari”, running from the 30th of September to the 5th of November 2017, in Timișoara. Here are some images from my sketchbook (2010-2011 I thiiiink). It includes Prâslea and Youth Without Age preparation drawings, and the never-ending…

  • Saturday Sketches

    More costume study – English (1600), Ottoman(1870), Polish, Greek, Georgian, Macedonian and derivations. Does anyone know where I can find a costume history with some sort of historical map of influences various cultures had on one another?

  • Saturday Sketches

    Look, I discovered Pascal Sebah! Expect more Ottoman Costumes :D

  • Sketchy Saturday

    I am unreasonably proud of these… My obsession with Romanian folklore has turned into an obsession with Balkan culture – and here we have an Albanian costume study, mixed with monster design. Also, yey for fountain pens!

  • Inktober – Week 4

    And the last of Inktober 2016 – most of them are Elis Island immigrants.

  • Inktober Week 3

    October 22 Kurd October 21 Kurd October 20 Bosnian October 19 - Armenian October 18 - Armenian October 17 Ottoman October 16 Ottoman