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  • Throwback Thursday

    Conceived as an ancient scroll, this ”book” uses an old belt, inks and acrylic paints (no memory of how I made the cardboard roll). Most of the illustrations from this time use The Old Testament as a source of inspiration – possibly because those were the stories my grandmother used to tell me when I…

  • Saturday Sketches

    I do try to draw them weekly, but hey… More quick drawings, references from bodiesinmotion.photo

  • Saturday Sketches 2020

    So… the story goes like this: my 2020 goal was making a series of traditional works. And it tuned out to be more difficult than I initially thought. Sure, I could blame it on my lack of patience ( …I do the sketch in pencil. I scan the sketch. I finish it in Photoshop. I…

  • Le Bal des Douze Princesses

    The book is at the printers, it should be done by the beginning of August :). So I thought this might be a good time to do a short recap of how it came to be. Legend has it, every book starts with a story, every comic-book starts with a script. There are even older…

  • SelfPortrait

    At the beginning of December 2018 I was invited by Goethe Institute Bucharest to take part in a live-drawing interview.. Together with Sarah Burrini and Octav Avramescu, I spent a pleasant hour and a half discussing the job of a comic-book-artist, making it in webcomics and generally being an artist in the digital age. We…

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober 2018

       Here are all the images from the second week of Inktober. Enjoy!

  • Saturday Sketches

      Two inking versions for the same drawing. Kyle Brushes and bodiesinmotion.photo , as usual.

  • Saturday Sketches

    How do you learn to ink digitally? There must be some secret rules French comic artist pass from one generation to another… Well, anyway, here are my attempts, references from bodiesinmotion.photo, brushes from KyleBrushes (the CleanComics and one of the MangaCircles)

  • Saturday Sketches

      Reference from bodiesinmotion.photo

  • Saturday Sketches

    Some Occidental costumes, for a change. I also have a costume tumblr  – it can be found here: https://imaginarycostumemuseum.tumblr.com/

  • Sketchy Saturday

    I am unreasonably proud of these… My obsession with Romanian folklore has turned into an obsession with Balkan culture – and here we have an Albanian costume study, mixed with monster design. Also, yey for fountain pens!

  • Saturday Sketches

    Here we go. references from bodiesinmotion.

  • Saturday Sketches

    Not the best week ever.

  • SaturdaySketches

    Digital Ink, how I have missed you!

  • Saturday Sketches

    For some reason, I am quite proud of this one. Reference from New Masters Academy. The reference from this one is an old photo by Timothy H. O’Sullivan, found on shorpy.com Hands refereces from artists.pixelovely.com