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  • Saturday Sketches

        This time around…. watercolour! Not really, but close enough. Brush by Kyle T Webster :).

  • The End of Summer

    Autumn is here, so this seems like a good time to post this nostalgic illustration inspired by a Russell Lee photo

  • Visual Playground – Day1

    I spent the end of July and the beginning of August 2017 in Bucharest, taking part in the Visual Playground workshops. This is a visual diary of sorts, accompanied by field notes and photos. Many thanks to the organizers for making this possible and a shout out to the awesome artists who were my colleague…

  • Visual Playground – Day4

    The fourth day was Lettering Day with Tobias Hall. I must admit I was dreading this a bit – I am an amateur, mostly because I lack the patience needed for measuring and kerning properly. We did a series of exercises, like writing the word ”Majesty” majestically… …playing around with the pen-brush… …writing out expressions…

  • Visual Playground – Day8

    On the eighth day, Adrian Diac and Paul Derșidan from BLAU had a musical challenge for us. We randomly got a mysterious song each, and we had to do the vinyl cover and label illustration. My music piece was later revealed to be part of Belgian Wave & Pop Songs From The 1980’s. I quite…

  • Oil Pastel Work in Progress

    I revisited oil-pastels in at the beginning of this year. They are messy, sticky, hard to control on details and they never dry. Also, I have never felt so happy working with any other medium, ever. Here’s a gif of my process:  

  • Some of the illustrations I did in 2019

    2019 A Year in Colour

    Another year gone, a new year up on the horizon. I’ll never get used to the idea that it’s 2020. Mind you, I never got used to the new century, so there’s that, I am doomed to live outside time. So… what happened last year? The first thing that happened was Visual Playground 2019. For…