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  • Saturday Sketches

    Today is (mostly) black-and white day! Turns out I didn’t save the photo ref for this one :(, so google images can’t help me with the credit. References from SketchDaily for these two. Reference from Shorpy, my best guess is that it was another Timothy H. O’Sullivan photo? Oh, and an obvious Mike Mignola style-attempt.

  • Saturday Sketches – Inktober

    I’ve never actually done an Inktober before (… although I claim that Karel Líman counts as one, since I’ve spent October 2014 doing that). But this time around I’m gonna spend the month learning how to draw clothes

  • Inktober Week 1

      So, here’s the first week of Inktober 2016! Pentel brush with Ecoline wash, references from Camillo Balossini, Ida Wyman and ”Elizabeth, the golden age” movie.

  • Inktober Week 2

      Here we go, the second week of inktober. References from old photos of Constantinopolis, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Othello, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, my garden 🙂 and Camillo Balossini.

  • Inktober Week 3

    October 22 Kurd October 21 Kurd October 20 Bosnian October 19 - Armenian October 18 - Armenian October 17 Ottoman October 16 Ottoman
  • Inktober – Week 4

    And the last of Inktober 2016 – most of them are Elis Island immigrants.

  • Saturday Sketches

  • Saturday Sketches

    … guess what, end-of-the-week drawings are back. This time, some sort of research for some sort of webcomic that might someday happen. Maybe. Based on iranian miniature and costumes. 

  • Sketchy Saturday

    I am unreasonably proud of these… My obsession with Romanian folklore has turned into an obsession with Balkan culture – and here we have an Albanian costume study, mixed with monster design. Also, yey for fountain pens!

  • Saturday Sketches

    References from bodiesinmotion.photos And the brush for the first image is one of Kyle T. Webster’s art markers.