The Helen M. Salzberg 2023 residency

2023 news – I’m very happy (and very grateful) that the project Timemongers project has been selected for the Helen M. Salzberg residency at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts in Florida. For the last two years, I’ve been trying to understand and illustrate the way fairy tales work, how they build a fantasy world where good always wins, a world meant to ” heal ” reality. A reality in which you can turn back whenever you need to the crossroad and make the right choice. And I am so excited to that the next year will see me developing the story, and moreover, exploring a subject that I’ve always been passionate about, but haven’t had much time for in recent years – book objects.

-images from an older project which I totally intend to revisit-

I owe thanks to the many-many people who guided me along the way, from my high school and uni teachers, to a network of illustrators and friends who were always there for me and my artistic dilemmas/anguish/exuberance.