Visual Playground – Day2

The second day was Mattias Adolfsson‘s workshop.

Photo credits: Cătălin Georgescu

He always seemed to me like a person who has waaaay too much fun with this sketchbooks and his pens. It turns out, he’s willing to share his methods – so for the whole day we did a series of short creative exercises. Below you’ll find the ones I’m most proud of.

First, a transformation – from hipster to carrot.

Here, we were to redraw something we enjoyed drawing as kids. I first remembered the one-eyed princesses (I could get one eye right. Never both). And afterwards I remembered… I also used to draw invention patents (context: my father is a researcher).

Then, we were to draw our perfect pen.

And finally, we had to draw a person and tell their life through their tattoos. I am unreasonably proud of this – because it’s something I never would have drawn without the challenge of the workshop.

Things I learned: I can do quite good drawings without sketching them out four times beforehand, and there is a pleasant go-with-the-flow feeling in doing a traditional drawing in one sitting and knowing that it will be the finished piece. So thanks, Mattias!