Work in progress

It’s almost…. gasp… February. HOW?

I spent most of January planning 2019. It seems to be the year of the comic book, with the French translation of Prâslea scheduled in March and Le bal des douze princesses (Twelve dancing girls) due sometime by the end of summer, in full colour.

Speaking of which, here’s the cover design, in a step by step gif. I plan to document the whole process of making a comic book on my twitch channel (in Romanian for now, because drawing and speaking a foreign language at the same time might prove a bit difficult). But if all goes well, I’ll make abridged videos on Youtube. Don’t quote me on this…. yet.

The colors are digital, but I inked the characters with a brush and a lightbox.

It goes faster than inking in ps, mostly because I can’t hit the undo button again and again.

More news about the project as it develops :)