Nor’s holiday

Norbert plans to spend the summer holiday playing computer games, like normal. His parents disagree and drop him off in the middle of the hostile countryside, where wild beasts like cows and turkeys roam the earth. Nor’s Grandma is the Magical Forest Guardian, and his Grandpa herds clouds and is eager to pass the knowledge to his grandson. The boy finds this all rather boring , untill he meets Skai, The Thristle Shepard and Laci, The Winged Knight. And together, they will face unfathomable boss-level dangers because deep down in the forest there might be… a real OGRE.

This is a project I’ve been working on with my sister Ileana for the better part of 2017 and 2018. We wrote the script together, and she inked while I coloured the comic-book pages. All 94 of them :). The book (which is in Romanian) was published in November 2018 by MiniGrafic, and can be purchased here.